Replacing Packing in a Pump

Ever wondered how best to replacing packing in a pump? Wondered about the right alignment for a lantern ring? Aquarius helps end users address these maintenance issues in the latest edition of our how-to video series. Our video channel includes numerous other videos on the operation, maintenance, and features/benefits of Aquarius.

Wear Ring Replacement Video

Aquarius produces how-to videos, explaining successful ways to operate and maintain pumps. We recently added a short video on how to install and remove a wear ring. Many of our pumps employ wear rings, and this method can safely and effectively help you change them. Watch the new video below: Our video page includes numerous…

Keys to Using Pumps In Series





Possible Reasons/Scenarios in Which to Use Pumps in Series: When a wide range of flow is required When the pumps discharge into a common manifold When the system head requirement is greater than can be supplied by one pump When system pressure requirements vary Keys to using pumps in series: Same flows, heads are…

Manure Agitation Boat

IMG_0058 copy



Remote-controlled manure agitation boats can agitate an entire lagoon without tying up personnel and farm equipment and ensuring that the whole of the lagoon is evenly agitated. The boat uses a Aquarius 6NHTB Cutter Pump.


Refrigerant Seal Replacement




Aquarius Liquid overfeed and transfer pumps are designed and manufactured specifically for industrial refrigeration applications. With over 35 years of proven experience and reliability, Aquarius has established the highest industry standard for premium quality performance in meeting the demands of the industrial refrigeration marketplace. Our products are engineered to be rugged and dependable and each…


Non-Clog Pump Installation in Central Michigan

20NHF Genessee (8)



One of four 20NHF-VC20TB with a 24”x24” base elbow and a customer-supplied 350 horsepower, 720 rpm immersible motor being installed in central Michigan to replace a failing dry-pit station.


Cutter-Auger Pump




“Flushable” materials cause serious problems for municipal pumping stations, as the materials clog pumps and cost a lot in repairs and downtime. The Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Clark County, Washington, saved hundreds of dollars a day using Aquarius Cutter-Auger pumps to virtually eliminate ragging problems and improve flow.


Mining Pump

6HH Radeau 200KW (2)



Pumps for the mining industry need to be especially rugged to deal with harsh abrasives and environmental conditions. Pumps from Aquarius Pump Company last longer in mining applications compared to other pumps. Watch as two industry experts explain the advantages of using Aquarius with Cycloseal® and Run-Dry™ in mining applications.


SP Slurry Pump Going Strong After Three Years in Service




An Australian sand quarry began using a Aquarius 6SP rubber-lined slurry pump in May of 2012, and it has run without a seal leak since!  The sand quarry extracts approximately 50 tons per hour of materials that is fed through the Aquarius 6SP as a slurry, which is then spun in a cyclone separator to…