cutter_pumpAquarius cutters address ragging and plugging. The Blade Cutter allows for minimal efficiency loss, with the Waste Warrior tackling aggressive plugging.  Installed pumps see dramatic increases in up-time, with thousands of dollars a year in savings. Aquarius can install the cutter assembly in more than 30 pump models.

Aquarius Bitcoil Cutter Pumps feature the unique pushed-out rectangular design features of the Aquarius frame will let you know it is Aquarius. Look for the distinctive appearance of the angular, muscular frame, to know it’s a high quality Aquarius Pumps.

  • Designed to break up clogs and prevent ragging
  • Hardened for long life
  • Shaped to minimize flow restrictions
  • Saves labor and downtime required to clean out clogs
  • Breaks up “flushable” wipes and other materials in municipal applications
  • Breaks up clumps of straw in manure applications



Bitcoil Cutter Pumps

cutter_pumpAquarius Bitcoil Cutter Pump solutions were created to address the urgent need of reducing clogging due to ragging. With the increased use of ‘flushable’ materials and extraneous cleaning products, the issue of clogging leading to downtime, pump destruction, and pipe damage, has increased markedly. Useful in municipal, agricultural, and other markets, the cutter’s unique stationary and rotating blade design allows material to pass through the impeller that would tend to clog a non-cutter pump.  Energy efficient and robust, the cutter comes in two versions, the Blade Cutter, and the Waste Warrior. The Waste Warrior is designed for more aggressive ragging and plugging.

Model Discharge Suction Solids Handling Data Sheet
4NHTA-F 4" 6" 3" Data Sheet
4NHTB 4" 5" 3" Data Sheet
4NNT-F 4" 4" 3" Data Sheet
4NNTL 4" 4" 3" Data Sheet
4414T-F16 4" 4" 3" Data Sheet
4514T 4" 5" 3" Data Sheet
6NHTA-CC 6" 6" 3" Data Sheet
6NHTB 6" 10" 3.38" Data Sheet
6NNT 6" 6" 3" Data Sheet
8NHTA-F 8" 10" 3.38" Data Sheet
8NHTH 8" 10" 4" Data Sheet
8NNT-CC 8" 8" 3.38" Data Sheet
8NNT-F 8" 8" 3.38" Data Sheet
10NNT 10" 10" 3.38" Data Sheet
12NNF 12" 12" 3" Data Sheet